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  • Dog Care Guide

  • Learn more about canine health by selecting a topic from the list below.

    Administering Medication
    How to do it correctly to make the process easier for you and your dog.

    How to tell if your dog may have an allergy, and an introduction to some treatments.

    Basic Health Check
    Help ensure your dog’s longevity, happiness and quality of life.

    Simple guidelines to help ensure your dog’s comfort and behaviour.

    How to help deal with the loss of a pet.

    Information on the diagnosis and treatment of this important disease.

    Diseases & Vaccination
    Information on protecting your dog against common canine diseases.

    Dental Care
    How to help your dogs have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives.

    Ear Care
    A simple guide to help check your dog’s ears and avoid painful infections.

    Eye Care
    How to help keep your dog’s eyes healthy and infection free.

    Fleas and Ticks
    Prevention tips to help avoid infestation on your pet and your house.

    Heartworm & Intestinal Parasites
    Most parasitic infections can be easily prevented, avoiding potentially devastating disease and unnecessary treatment.

    Household Dangers
    Tips on how to "petproof" your home and help avoid poisoning.

    An overview of the signs to look for, and some available treatments to discuss with your veterinarian.
    Pre/Post Operation
    Basic guidelines to help make your pet’s surgery and recovery as complication-free as possible.

    Travelling with your Pet
    Basics of preparation for your pet’s trip can make your own a lot less stressful.

    Your Senior Dog
    Tips on how you can both enjoy this stage in your dog's life to the fullest.