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  • Cat Adoption Centre

  • Our Cat Adoption Centre Program works with the community, welfare agencies and pounds to re-home cats and kittens that otherwise face an uncertain future.

    We believe that veterinary practices by their nature are ideal for the housing and sale of felines, as we have strict hygiene and quarantine regimes as well as very caring and knowledgeable staff.

    Often we are contacted by small welfare groups that have kittens they need to find homes for and we have taken kittens from groups as far away as Caloundra. Also during the kitten season, which starts in spring and continues through the warmer months, we have taken in kittens that have been thrown in a sack and dumped on a shops doorstep.

    The Cat Adoption program really promotes responsible pet ownership, so all cats and kittens are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea free prior to adoption. The cats and kittens are not free. However, the adoption fee is subsidised by each centre and is designed to contribute toward the costs of the veterinary procedures and the feeding and care of the animals while they are here.

  • The benefits of pet ownership are well researched and documented. Pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, visit the Doctor less frequently and use fewer medicines. Pets also have the ability to reduce tension, confusion, fatigue and loneliness in the elderly and are less likely to suffer from depression and tend to cope better with life. While Teenagers living with a pet have a more positive outlook on life and tend to be less restless.

    So far this kitten season we have had 20 kittens adopted out to loving homes often in the area. We know that Archie, Mia, Jazz, Figaro, Malaya, Shadow, Toby, Molly and Batman and all the others have settled in to their new homes and are getting into mischief and bringing joy to the household.

    When cats and kittens first come into the practice they are given a health check and go into quarantine for 10 days. They are away from other pets so their health can be monitored to make sure they are disease free.

    On adoption all new cats and kittens are sent home with an adoption certificate, a carry box, some Advance kitten food they have been using in here, a cat bowl, an information pamphlet on settling in a new pet and all their health history.